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I am passionate about vegan cuisine, yoga, nature, travel and teaching mindful self-care practices. I am very excited to introduce more and more people to the pleasures of a plant based diet and how it benefits one’s health and the health our planet. Growing up in Hungary and being fortunate to travel to many parts of the world, I learned to cook a variety of traditional cuisine which I spent many fun hours in the kitchen re-creating as vegan dishes, deserts, and baked goods that will blow your mind.   It brings me tremendous joy to share my love of teaching and cooking great tasting food that is simple, whole, healthy, and nourishes not only the body, but also the mind and soul. 

So much of life happens in the kitchen and it's my desire to share the flavors of my worldly travels and bring you more pleasures from my gypsy soul to your table.

FALL MENU now available for delivery (minimum order $65)


10 Tamales $ 20 

20 Tamales $ 36 

Great for any occasion and enjoyable   for any meal of the day.

Hatch chili Maseca with black bean, veggie and "sausage" filling 


Serves 4 $ 24

Serves 8 $ 44

Spinach, almond ricotta, & "sausage" 

Just Mushroom Ricotta 

Mushroom Spinach Ricotta 

Artichoke "sausage" Ricotta 


choose your favorite combo

Creamy Squash Soup

1 Quart $ 14  (2 to 4 servings)

2 or more Quarts at $12  each. 

This delicate texture and warming flavors will keep you nourished on any fall or winter day.  Soup Flavors include: Asparagus, Mushroom or Cauliflower 

Chick'n Pot Pie

One Pie $28 Serves 8

Two for $ 54

Made with a medley of veggies, chick'n (soy curls) and a delicious gravy to bind it all under this beautiful flaky crust. 

Sweet Potato Chili With Cornbread

1 Quart $20 (2 to 4 servings)

2 or more Quarts $18

Wonderful flavors come together with a hint of sweetness from the yams and the cornbread made with green chilies adds a comfort to every bowl.

All about the Pie

One Pie $20 

Two or more pies $18

Choose from apple pie, pumpkin pie or a berry of your choice.  Choose your favorite. 

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Travel, Yoga and the Love of Food


I spent the first eleven years of my life growing up in Hungary, traveling around Eastern Europe and living in Austria for two years. In 1989 we moved to the States and grew up on our farm in the Hood Canal Peninsula. We raised livestock, had plentiful gardens and managed to live off the land as much as we could. My parents put in countless hours of labor to keep the farm thriving.  I now have a very different appreciation for their dedication and hard work they poured into our standard of living.

Over the years I have traveled to many parts of the world and had the delight to visit many food establishments, enjoy street food and invited by friends for a home cooked meal. So many of these experiences shared not only their culinary appreciation but also a culture of togetherness through the love of good food. These moments always took me back to my fondest childhood memories enjoying my grandmas cooking and wonderful pastries with laughter, story and the joy of our family being together.

 In my early twenties I became a practitioner of yoga due to a serious injury and later I became a teacher of this ancient practice. The art of yoga helped heal my body and simultaneously became my inspiration and teacher to what I put in my body. My personal journey with yoga had a great impact on what type of foods my body needs and how it responds. My diet has evolved through many changes over time and in the recent years I instinctively knew I needed to go vegetarian then progressively to a more plant based diet. The way I cook and nourish my body is now a lot like how I practice yoga on the mat. It is very intuitive and I have never felt healthier, stronger, full of vibrant energy, and more whole in my life.  I wish to share this with others who are inspired to learn more about eating  compassionately,  free of animal products and full of adventurous & delicious flavors with a plant-based diet.

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

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