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As a homemade chef, yoga/pilates  teacher, massage therapist and lifestyle consultant  I am delighted to share with you a practical approach to self-care.   Since my early twenties I felt the calling to study, embody and share the art of healing. When I realized traditional western medicine wasn’t my path, I turned to the somatic work of massage therapy, yoga practice, and learned the art of mindful cooking.  I offer you my accumulated tools from over 20 years of formal and informal studies, trainings and personal practice of self-care and the art of healing.   The lifestyle we choose becomes our medicine.  My mission is to guide you to the choices which allow you to live your fullest  life by eating the foods which nourish every cell in the body, learning to move with body intelligence, cultivate intuitive awareness, and come back to balance.  Let me help design a self-care practice for your fullest wellbeing so you can get on with thriving in your life. This includes plant-based whole food from my kitchen, yoga and meditation, somatic work and lifestyle consultations.    It brings me joy to share my love for teaching the art of self-care and cooking great tasting food that is simple, whole, healthy, and nourishes the body, mind and soul while simultaneously caring for our planet.

Lifestyle is medicine... Choose yours

Clean UP Your Act


 Not enough time in your life to pause and find healthier whole food options? Have you always wondered what the benefits are of a vegan lifestyle?

  • 60 minute initial consultation 
  • 4 weeks of meal preperation
  • 3 meals a day including some fresh juice
  • simple snack recipes
  • written out weekly plan
  • 4 hour cooking class in your home
  • weekly check-in 30 min in person or on the phone
  • tips and what to expect

   I shop and cook for you so you can keep your life on track while I  customize  this experience so you receive the benefits while keeping it approachable and enjoyable.  This plan involves little of your time  but much of your commitment to becoming the whole and healthier version of you.

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LET'S get Serious-Detox


Are you looking for a game changer? Feeling Fatigue, brain fog, bloated and  just run-down? 

Ready to RESET?


  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 9 days meal and snack preparation
  • written out specific detox plan with mindful movement 
  • tips and what to expect 
  • 30 min check-in on day 6 in person or on phone

Ready to boost your immune system and get back to feeling your natural energy and vitality?  Then this  detox plan is for you. This one will take a deliberate commitment on your part but I will be there to support you every step of the way. This plan is more strict but very approachable and it's ONLY 9 days out your life to give your body a reset and launch you towards optimal health.  Give your body a break and cleanse it from the life time build up and everyday toxins so you can feel radiant,  sharp, energized and full of vitality. 

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Only 9 days, I am ready!

YOGA Kitchen Plan


Ready to begin a yoga practice with all the right foods that will support your new or existing practice? 

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 7 day plan 
  • 7 meals 
  • simple recipes for the rest of your meals and snacks
  • shopping list
  • 3 private yoga sessions 
  • tips and what to expect 

  This 7 Day plan is a combination of asana friendly foods and 3 private yoga sessions. You will have 7 prepared meals ready to indulge in and a written out plan to follow for the rest of your daily meals and snacks. Recipes and shopping list will be provided to custom fit your lifestyle. 

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Don't have time to get away for a luxurious yoga retreat but would like to TREAT your self to a similar experience from the comfort of your own home?  

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 5 days of meal and snack preparation 
  • 5 days of private yoga instruction
  • one 1 1/2 hour massage 
  • couples package  available

I bring the retreat to you!

I will prepare your yoga mat friendly delicious meals, guide you through a private 1 hour daily  practice and give you the massage your body needs for somatic healing and deep relaxation.

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Im ready to treat myself!



We all live busy lives and sometimes we just don't have enough time or energy to spend in the kitchen after a long day.  


So I am here to help you!   

I will prepare bespoke meals for you and your family so all you have to do is turn on the oven, re-heat, and serve . Sit to enjoy a nourishing meal and still have time to kick your feet up and relax at the end of your day.

Sound good?

If you answered yes, then contact me below.

  • phone consultation 
  • bespoke meal planning
  • meal preperation
  • recipies
  • shopping (price of groceries not included) 

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LIFEstyle Consultation


  • Practical and Intuitive approach to Self-Care
  • Nutrition
  • Mindful Movement
  • Meditation to cultivate presence and awareness
  • Mind Body Soul Alignment
  • Establish a routine
  • Vegan recipes              

  • Consultation is 1hour long in your home or a convenient location of your choice. We will address your overall wellness  and I will provide you with the tools to incorporate practical self-care into your daily life and help you align with your intentions to a healthier, happier and more radiant you. 

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Offerings... So much of life happens in the kitchen. I wish to share the flavors of my worldly travels and bring you more pleasures from my gypsy soul to your table.

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Lifestyle Consultation


1 Hour Consultation with Kat $ 120

Do you often feel you're just trying to catch up, overwhelmed and tired?  Do you end up leaving your needs last or not giving your self the time at all for self-care? This type of lifestyle often leaves us depleted and disconnected from our selves, loved ones  and our highest potential. My lifestyle consultation will help you identify your perceived limitations as hinderances and get you on a path to feel balanced, connected to your needs, and clear about your self-care approach.  I will help you design a practical plan that you can easily weave into your daily life so you make your self-care a priority and have more energy to live your fullest life.   

After the consultation I will map out a plan that fits your life and this will be in your email box within a day after our meeting.  This will include daily movement, somatic body work, healthy simple recipes, meditation and a journaling practice.   Follow up support appointments are available as well for a reduced rate. 

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My Gypsy Cook Profile

Travel, Yoga and the Love of Food


I spent the first eleven years of my life growing up in Hungary, traveling around Eastern Europe and living in Austria for two years. In 1989 we moved to the States and grew up on our farm in the Hood Canal Peninsula. We raised livestock, had plentiful gardens and managed to live off the land as much as we could. My parents put in countless hours of labor to keep the farm thriving.  I now have a very different appreciation for their dedication and hard work they poured into our standard of living.

Over the years I have traveled to many parts of the world and had the delight to visit many food establishments, enjoy street food and invited by friends for a home cooked meal. So many of these experiences shared not only their culinary appreciation but also a culture of togetherness through the love of good food. These moments always took me back to my fondest childhood memories enjoying my grandmas cooking and wonderful pastries with laughter, story and the joy of our family being together.

 In my early twenties I became a massage therapist and a practitioner of yoga after a serious injury. A few years late I became a  became a teacher of this ancient practice and received my RYT Certificate at 8Limbs in Seattle.  The art of yoga helped heal my body and simultaneously became my inspiration and teacher to how I care for myself.  My personal journey with yoga had a great impact on what type of foods my body needs and how it responds. My diet has evolved through many changes over time and in the recent years I instinctively knew I needed to go vegetarian then progressively to a more plant based diet. The way I cook and nourish my body is now a lot like how I practice yoga on the mat. It is very intuitive and I have never felt healthier, stronger, full of vibrant energy, and more whole in my life.  I wish to share this with others who are inspired to learn more about the art of self-care with eating  compassionately,  taking care of the body through with the right type of exercise and healing somatic work. 

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

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