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I am delighted share with you the pleasures and health benefits of eating more plants!


I am a homegrown plant-based chef. I started learning the art of cooking form my Hungarian grandmother at an early age. I was born in Hungary and spent most of my childhood in Europe. I traveled a lot in my life, visited amazing places in the world and brought back many culinary inspirations. In my early twenties I also started a yoga practice and later on became a teacher of the yoga arts. Through this life transformational practice I learned about the importance of mindful eating and that food is directly connected to our health and wellbeing.  I am delighted to share with you a practical approach  incorporating more plants into your diet with worldly flavors, satisfaction and all the health benefits. Food is an energy exchange. Eating whole and healthy foods will give you the gift of a whole and healthy life. I bring over 15 years of teaching and cooking experience and my passion for helping people feel good in their bodies. I am honored to offer you my services with educating and cooking great tasting food that is simple, whole, healthy, and nourishes the body, mind and soul while simultaneously caring for the planet. 

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Saturdays 9am - 1pm 

Caravan your taste buds around the world with rotating plant- based dishes throughout the summer.

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Learn to make simple and delicious plant-based meals, baked goods, raw foods, smoothie bowls or other healthy treats. Offering customized small group or private cooking classes. I make cooking with whole foods and plants easy, fun and affordable. Recipes always included.  Host a cooking class in your home and learn for free.  

Make it a party with your friends. 

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We all live busy lives and sometimes we just don't have enough time or energy to spend in the kitchen after a long day.  


So I am here to help you!   

I prepare bespoke meals for you and your family so all you have to do is serve and enjoy.

  • phone consultation 
  • bespoke meal planning
  • meal preparation
  • recipes
  • shopping (cost of groceries not included) 

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Are you ready to feel amazing in your body? In five days with plant-based meals I can help you accomplish that.  

You will experience more energy, feel more clear and focused, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and simply feel refreshed.  Your detox plan will include practical guidance with recipes for easy assemble, prepared meals, and fresh juices. I guide you through 5 days of a plant-based food detox with attentive care and easy to follow directions designed to fit your lifestyle. I want you to feel your best and succeed! 

If you are ready to rejuvenate contact me for your initial consultation. 

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Wellbeing Consultation


1 Hour Consultation with Kat

Self-care is the new health care. I want you to feel GOOD in your body, simple as that.  So let's talk about your self-care practice. What types of foods are nourishing for you? How do you move in your body and what type of exercise is right for you?  How do you respond to and release stress? How often do you check in and connect to your needs?  How often do you make time for YOU? If you have not asked your self these questions in a while or ever, you are in the right place to begin.  Eating nutrient dense and the right foods for your body is a great place to begin.  Your body will detoxify from life long and everyday toxin buildup and you'll start to feel more energy, reduce inflammation, motivate you to build healthy habits and maybe even shed some extra pounds. Eating healthy is a great place to start for improving your physical, emotional and mental health. There are other self-care practices we need to incorporate in our everyday life to keep not only or bodies healthy but also to keep our mind and spirit connected. In our consultation I will help you organize a practical self-care routine that will fit your lifestyle.  I will teach you about mindful eating and cooking, provide you with easy plant-based recipes, and guide you to the best exercise and relaxation techniques right for you and practical for your life. After our meeting I will craft your bespoke plan so you can re-align with the whole, joyful and radiant you.  Lifestyle is medicine!    Contact me below to schedule an appointment.  


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Travel, Yoga and the Love of Food


I spent the first eleven years of my life growing up in Hungary, traveling around Eastern Europe and living in Austria for two years. In 1989 we moved to the States and grew up on our farm in the Hood Canal Peninsula. We raised livestock, had plentiful gardens and managed to live off the land as much as we could. My parents put in countless hours of labor to keep the farm thriving.  I now have a very different appreciation for their dedication and hard work they poured into our standard of living in harmony with nature's gifts.

Over the years I have traveled to many parts of the world and had the opportunity to visit many food establishments, enjoy tasty street food, and be invited by friends for culturally authentic home cooked meals. So many of these experiences shared not only their culinary appreciation but also a culture of togetherness through the love of good food. These moments always took me back to my fondest childhood memories enjoying my grandmas cooking and wonderful pastries with laughter, story and the joy of our family being together.

 In my early twenties I became a massage therapist and a practitioner of yoga after a serious injury. A few years late I became a  became a teacher of this ancient practice and received my RYT Certificate at 8Limbs in Seattle.  The art of yoga helped heal my body and simultaneously became my inspiration and teacher to how I care for myself.  My personal journey with yoga had a great impact on what type of foods my body needs and how it responds. My diet has evolved through many changes over time and in the recent years I instinctively knew I needed to go vegetarian then progressively to a more plant based diet. The way I cook and nourish my body is now a lot like how I practice yoga on the mat. It is very intuitive guided by my body's needs.   I now feel healthier, stronger, full of vibrant energy, and more whole in my life then ever before.   I wish to share this with others who are inspired to learn more about the art of mindful eating and intentional self care. 

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

My fondest childhood memories come from my grandma. My cooking guru.

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